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Bloom.  By Blaine Steiner

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Bloom by Blaine Steiner is a three-part steel sculpture with multiple lighted cast glass elements designed to reference the growth of Downtown Salisbury in recent years.  The sculpture is located along the bank of the Wicomico River, near the intersection of Circle Avenue and W. Market Street across from Market Street Inn in Downtown Salisbury

“The three elements of the sculpture tie together the present, past and future and speaks to the vitality of our City”, says artist Blaine Steiner.  She continues to explain “as the sun moves across the sky, light will shine through the work and create dynamic shadows and the nature of the cast glass elements are such that the work will have a totally different feel depending on if its interacting with reflected or transmitted light, creating a dynamic, ever-changing work of art depending on time of day and season”.   Blaine Steiner is a graduate of Salisbury University with a bachelor's degree in fine arts.

The project was funded in part by a grant from the Maryland State Arts Council’s Public Art Program, and matched by the Salisbury Arts & Entertainment District, with in-kind support from Salisbury University.  

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