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The mission of Salisbury Arts Alliance is to foster elevated artistic expression in Salisbury by building partnerships to develop, support, and promote diverse artistic, entertainment and cultural endeavors that preserve a sense of place, appreciate the unique character of Salisbury, and build community pride. 

Land Acknowledgement 

We acknowledge that the lands and waters now known as Salisbury, Maryland and its surrounding areas are the home of its first peoples; the Accohannock Indian Tribe, the Assateague People's Tribe, the Choptico Band of Indians, the Nause-Waiwash Band of Indians, the Pocomoke Indian Nation, and other tribes who were historically erased from this landscape. We acknowledge that this land is now home to other tribal people living here in diaspora. We acknowledge the degradation that continues to be wrought on the land and waters in pursuit of resources. We acknowledge the right of the land and waterways to heal so that they can continue to provide food and medicine for all. We acknowledge that it is our collective obligation to pursue policies and practices that respect the land and waters so that our reciprocal relationship with them can be fully restored.

Equity & Justice Statement 

The arts celebrate our City's diversity, connect our shared humanity and transform individuals and communities. Salisbury Arts Alliance is committed to advancing and modeling equity, diversity, accessibility and inclusion in all aspects of our work.   We are committed to embracing equity and non-discrimination regardless of religious creed, color, age, gender expression, sexual orientation, class, language or ability. 

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