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Steel Sculpture Series 

The Downtown Steel Sculpture Project was begun in 2001, as a part of a larger revitalization effort, as a subcommittee of Urban Salisbury. The public art project has been ongoing, bringing together the vision, talent, and generosity of many private and public community members. 

Public Art Master Plan
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Each sculpture is a unique piece of art commissioned by an individual, institution or corporate sponsor.  Members of the art department at Salisbury University and UMES work to select students to design the sculptures based on the sponsor’s request.  The design is transferred to a computerized drafting program and cut out of a steel plate by a digital laser cutter at MaTech, Inc. 

Next, the metal cutout is welded to a frame at R.D. Grier and Sons and then the City of Salisbury installs the sculpture at a site selected by the committee and the sponsor.  To cap off the project, Parkside High School students manufacture the aluminum plaque that identifies the artist, sponsors, and year. 

The first group of four sculptures entitled:  Heron, Crab, Goose and Sailboat, were installed on Route 13 near Main Street as part of the State Highway Administration’s expansion project in 2003. 

The second group of three sculptures, Rooster, Crow, and Cris & Skipper were sponsored by Perdue Farms, MaTech, Inc and the Bull & Judy Hearne family.  They were installed along Carroll Street in 2007.

The next two sculptures, Richard A. Henson and Marlin, sponsored by the Henson Foundation and by the Bill & Judy Hearne family were installed along Carroll Street in 2010.  Asclepius, was sponsored by the Peninsula Regional Medical Center, and it was installed on the Hospital’s Carroll Street entrance in 2011. 

The series was continued by the City of Salisbury Mayor's Office in 2018, with the addition of A Day in Wicomico,  a series of twenty-one steel panels cut to spell out Riverwalk Amphitheater, each unique with laser etched scenery from around the County.  The series was designed by local artist Landon "Chase" Gilbert. 

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