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New Vision Heron Mural

Heron Mural New - Crop


The Heron Mural, located on the Route 50 side of City Center Building, is one of Downtown's oldest public works of art, and one of the most visible and iconic. 

The original mural, by local artist James Thatcher, endured for two decades but fell into disrepair.  Originally created in 1994 to commemorate the first New Year Eastern Shore celebration, the heron image was selected - which symbolizes prosperity and good fortune. The first mural became a sort of bereavement project for Thatcher – who had recently lost his wife to cancer – and other families served by Coastal Hospice who had recently lost loved ones. The project was funded through a special program sponsored by Days Inn that promoted use of buildings for artistic expression along major highways.

In 2013, Salisbury Arts & Entertainment District (now Salisbury Arts Alliance) contacted the now national artist James Thatcher to return an important artwork to Salisbury’s Downtown Historic/Arts & Entertainment District.  Funds were raised through crowd-sourcing and private donations - to bring the re-imagined heron mural back to Downtown Salisbury. 


The grand unveiling took place during October 3rd Friday in 2013, and coincided with a gallery show hosted by the Art Institute and Gallery (now known as Salisbury Art Space), that featured more of James Thatcher's work, and other area artists.

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